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To discover the Sanae universe and celebrate the recent opening of our Institute, we offer you a discovery formula that will allow you to combine weight loss and relaxation.


Slimming Institute : New Generation

The Sanae Institute offers a range of services combining slimming, relaxation and beauty.

By associating the best of technological innovation with the benefits of natural and ancestral techniques, you will achieve lasting results while preserving your health.

This combination of previously isolated treatments is absolutely unique in Geneva.

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Offer a moment of relaxation and absolute well-being, in a place with a unique and soothing atmosphere. 

Customized experience

You are unique. Your treatment is, too.

To achieve the perfect balance between technological innovation and natural care, Sanae has selected for you the most effective treatments. Thanks to our wide range of unique services, it becomes possible to create a completely customized experience, perfectly meeting your needs.

Our advisor welcomes you.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our advisor for a free initial assessment. This meeting is the opportunity to discover Sanae and identify the most adapted treatment for your situation. The Sanae team is at your disposal to answer any of your questions and build with you a customized experience.