Cellu M6

Cellu M6: your best ally against cellulite

When technology is used for thinning, it gives high-performance devices. Like the Cellu M6, the flagship innovation in cellulite treatment. This device uses endermology, a technology that involves massaging the skin to stimulate cell tissue and allow for rapid weight loss.

What is endermology?

Invented in France in the 1990s, this technology is inspired by the technique of therapeutic massage known as “palper-rouler”. The skin is pinched and rolled into the palm of the hand thanks to meticulous gestures. This method stimulates the skin to reactivate cellular activity and enhance the natural ability of cells to remove fatty clusters. Endermology affects the drainage, thinning and firmness of the skin.

A high-performance slimming device

Although it has been largely inspired by the technique of rolling, the Cellu M6 is much more sophisticated and offers more possibilities than a simple manual massage.
These machines have two rollers and a suction system that lift the epidermis as well as the deeper tissues. Aspiration and massage movements provide a draining effect that improves blood and lymphatic circulation. A winning combination to effectively tackle cellulite regardless of its type. The device acts in a localized way which allows to concentrate on the areas to be treated.
For a quick weight loss and an optimal result, the type of massage adapts to your needs. Aspiration, tapping, circular movements, back and forth, the protocol is adjusted according to your specific problems.

Pleasant and not painful, the Cellu M6 acts effectively. It allows to target the treatment zones in order to benefit from care localized and adapted for visible results. Its action on drainage, cellulite and sagging skin allows overall well-being.

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The Sanae team.