How to maintain your diet and slim down effectively?

Congratulations, you have decided to start a slimming diet.
The first days the motivation is at it’s highest but succeeding to keep up with the slimming program without cracking is not always easy.
Here are our tips to put the odds on your side to lose weight effectively.
Above all, do not impose absolute prohibitions on yourself, otherwise you will crack and not be able to control yourself. To stay focused and follow our nutrition program to the end, we must not forget a fundamental concept: pleasure.

Allow yourself some cheating to lose weight without frustration

You can grant yourself a “pleasure day” during the week. A day during which you can spoil the diet. This will, however, be immediately compensated by one to two days of detox (depending on the importance of excess).
To perform an effective detox:

  • Limit your sugar intake to a minimum
  • Do not eat starch, cereals, bread, oily or over-sweetened products
  • Preserve proteins and fibers
  • Adopt non-fat cooking methods: grill, oven, foil, steam, etc.
  • Season without adding oil: yoghurt sauce (make sure to choose lean and unsweetened), lemon juice, herbs, etc.

Do not drastically deprive yourself of your “happiness” foods

A nutritional diet that excludes any notion of pleasure is doomed to failure. Everything is a question of quantity and balance. So you can keep this gourmet food you like so much if you consume it with moderation, in reasonable quantities and never out of meals.
If you are addicted to chocolate, you can totally introduce a square of dark chocolate to your taste. This avoids excessive frustrations and limits the risk of “cracking” that could destroy all your efforts.

Be accompanied throughout your slimming program

One of the keys to maintaining your diet and effectively achieving your goals is to be surrounded by professionals at your service. A personalized follow-up makes it possible to detect the difficulties which are your own and to provide an adapted answer. Tailor-made advice that allows you to not be alone in your weight loss program and keep a foolproof motivation.

Do you want to lose weight ? Our team is at your disposal to establish, with you, a personalized action plan according to your specific needs and objectives. Accompanied by slimming professionals, you benefit from effective solutions to lose weight over the long term.

The Sanae team.