How to lose weight permanently?

Tired of draconian diets that make you lose weight fast without ever keeping their promise, you finally want to lose weight in a sustainable way? Here are our tips for setting up an effective attack plan and definitely saying goodbye to your extra pounds:

Perform a personalized slimming report

Lasting weight loss must start with a personalized assessment. Before heading off headlong following the latest fashionable diet, it is crucial to know the causes related to your weight problems. The nutritional requirements differ according to the rhythm of life and the metabolism of each one. But, beyond the dietary aspect, it is about analyzing and understanding the lifestyle that influences your health and weight. This assessment will allow you to set up a slimming program adapted to your real needs. An awareness that eliminates unnecessary kilos while effectively correcting the causes of weight variation.

Set reasonable and achievable slimming goals

The most spectacular weight loss is not the most enduring. Your thinning should be gradual. Ideally, weight loss between 0.5 kg and 1 kg per week is recommended. Too rapid, it may involve possible health problems (decrease in tensions, fatigue, hormonal shock, etc.). To set consistent goals, use the SMART method:
S as Specific: personal and adapted to your rhythm
M as Measurable: your balance will speak for itself!
A as ambitious: set a satisfactory goal
R as Realist: do not aim the impossible you may be discouraged
T as Time: set a time limit to achieve these goals

Rebalancing your eating habits

It is important that your new eating habits are adapted to your lifestyle, your specific constraints as well as your personal goals, but it is also important not to neglect your pleasure. Your slimming program should focus on a rebalancing of the diet and not on a diet too restrictive that will only create frustration. The meal must remain a moment of daily pleasure.
To lose weight effectively, it involves eating healthy, selecting better foods and improving consistency in nutritional associations.

Complete your program with targeted slimming actions

n order to optimize your slimming program and benefit from powerful synergies also rely on technology. In fact, the thinning centers have machines from the latest innovations to offer you ultra-efficient treatments. Personalized care and targeted actions to act specifically on certain areas. Techniques such as lipocavitation with Powershape 3-MAX Plus or lipomodelling with Cellu M6 ensure that you lose weight in a durable and visible way.

Sport: your best ally

Physical activity is the key element of a slimming program. The sport makes it possible to better know its body and to be more attentive to it. It also promotes overall well-being. Endorphins, also called “happiness molecules”, released by the brain during physical activity act as a natural anti-stress.
We must, however, be careful to go there gradually. Do not set goals that are too high or risk unproductive. Do not plan to run 15 kilometers a day if you have never walked. For example, you can start with 3 kilometers of fast walking once a week and then increase the distance, frequency and intensity as you go.

The best way to reach your goals is not to be alone in dealing with your doubts and decreases in motivation. Follow-up by professionals allows you to stay mobilized and benefit from personalized advice tailored to your needs and objectives. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with our counselor who will accompany you throughout your slimming program!

The Sanae team.