How to maintain weight after a diet?

Congratulations, you have reached your weight loss goals ! But be careful, no question of slackening so much … It is now to stabilize your weight to avoid the yo-yo effect. Here are our tips to prevent the pounds from reinstalling and to keep your new figure permanently.
The stabilization stage is paramount, so it needs to be integrated into your weight loss program right off the bat. This phase must take into account two key elements: nutrition and targeted care.

A healthy and balanced diet

Once your weight loss goals are achieved, it’s not about falling back into the wrong habits. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle which nutrition is a major part. The stabilization phase teaches how to make the food balance a natural reflex and establish it as a new way of life. By properly reintegrating food, you limit the recovery of pounds and maintain your weight.

Personalized and targeted treatments

Your diet must be accompanied by targeted treatment. This care must be maintained during the stabilization phase to act quickly on localized fat deposits that may reappear. Current technologies allow to benefit from very effective solutions to fight against unsightly fat deposits
Capitalizing on these areas of stabilization you put all the chances on your side for the fruits of your efforts to persist in the long term. This phase of weight maintenance is essential and requires special attention. That’s why Sanae offers you an adapted solution to accompany you during the post-diet period. Thanks to a stabilisation program spread over 6 or 12 months, our experts in nutrition and slimming advise you and follow you throughout this phase. We opt for tailor-made advice that will allow you to implement optimal solutions for sustainable weight loss. You are supported and supported by professionals at your disposal, to effectively reach your goals.

To benefit, too, from personalized support and slimming advice, do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

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