Sanae Institute: 4 key themes

By creating the Sanae Institute, we have opened a space dedicated to slimming, relaxation, beauty and nutrition. It was essential for us to be able to offer you the best on these four themes. Moreover, we are convinced that these four themes are intimately linked.

After all, what does it really mean to “take care of yourself”? Is it about losing weight? Reduce the effects of daily stress? To restore luster to his skin? Perhaps all this at once?

What is certain is that there are as many possible responses as there are different situations of life.

And our ambition with Sanae is not only to combine these 4 themes in one place, but also to add a quality of advice, attention and care unmatched in Geneva. Offer the best in these three pillars of well- being was crucial for three reasons:

Synergies for concrete and sustainable results

Sanae differentiates itself from a traditional institute by the quality of its services, but also by their variety. We are indeed able to combine techniques and care usually isolated. By combining technological innovation with nature, or by linking slimming and relaxation, the effects are amplified and your results really lasting. One of the best symbols of this synergy, on a single-care scale, is our Vital Dome.

This marvel of innovation, coming from Japan, combines warmth and infrared light, to allow you to lose weight while relaxing.

The primary goal of our institute is to help you enter a virtuous circle, where relaxation allows you to facilitate your weight loss, protect your health and therefore your beauty.

We believe in a holistic approach

he founding team of Sanae has the intimate belief that your health and beauty are intrinsically linked. And that when it comes to health (weight, skin, stress …), your environment and your personal situation play a very important role.

Unlike a classical institute, we take the time to discover the key elements of your life, your health, your body.

Because often behind a weight problem can hide a sleep problem related to stress. A skin problem can be caused by poor diet or mis-chosen products. There are many examples.

And thanks to our wide range of care and benefits, we are able to work with you in a comprehensive way. This is the first key to your well-being.

Fully customized treatments

By simultaneously treating several aspects of your well-being and especially by offering you a wide range of services, we create with you a 100% personalized treatment cure.

You are unique and your care should be so. But it is unfortunately too rare in the majority of institutes.
At Sanae, everything is tailor-made. We do not have ready-made magic formulas. We believe in personalizing your care and working hard to find what works for you. And only for you.

Discover the institute

The Sanae Institute extends over 200 square meters and everything has been implemented to create the most comfortable and soothing space possible. We are located 2 minutes from the parking of Villereuse, in Les Eaux-Vives.

To discover our world, our services and take stock of your situation, do not hesitate to contact us to meet our consultant Michelle Perrillat via our contact form. This will be an opportunity to identify synergies for your well-being.

We look forward to welcoming you.

The Sanae team.