Sanae Institute: your innovative slimming center and unique solutions in Geneva

With its holistic vision, innovative technologies and expertise, your Sanae slimming center offers you effective, personalized and innovative solutions in order to offer you adapted solutions whatever your objectives (reduction of cellulite, loss of weight, skin tightening, and more).

A global vision of your well-being

The Sanae Institute differentiates itself from traditional slimming centers by the quality of its care but also by its unique approach to well-being. We believe that your beauty, nutrition and health are intimately linked and that environmental and personal factors have a real influence on your balance. A stressful environment can, for example, promote weight gain and fat storage. That’s why we strive to understand what factors affect your health to provide you with slimming solutions specifically tailored to your needs.
We also propose you to benefit from the dietary advice of our team who will be able to set up, with you, a personalized nutritional program in order to adopt the good eating habits for a lasting weight loss.
The synergies between the various treatments and treatments offered by the Sanae slimming center make it possible to optimize their effectiveness by acting in a global way on your well-being.

Effective technologies to lose weight sustainably

In order to offer you more and more efficient solutions and optimal results, the Sanae Institute ensures that it has machines and techniques of thinning from the latest technologies.
Like the Vital Dôme, the flagship innovation of our thinning center, which uses infrared rays to act in depth in the tissues. This marvel of technology from Japan and unique in Geneva, allows to operate simultaneously on three axes: the relaxation, the thinning and the health of your skin.
Of course, other techniques that have already been proven to be effective, such as lipocavitation with Powershape 3-MAX Plus or lipomodelling with Cellu M6, are available at our slimming center.
We put all the performance of the latest innovations at your disposal to offer you an effective slimming program for visible and lasting results.

Personalized advice from a team of slimming and nutrition professionals

Your needs and goals are yours.
Our team, experienced and composed of professionals of the thinness, is available and with your listening to give you personalized advice and to accompany you throughout your approach.
Their know-how and expertise allow you to benefit from the best advice to respond effectively to your expectations and achieve your goals for long-term well-being.
The Sanae team.