The Sanae Promise

The universe of slimming and well-being in general is absolutely saturated with providers shrinking from nothing to make a little more profit. The offer is vast, yes, but the quality is unfortunately rarely at the rendezvous. In creating Sanae, we chose to pull up the public’s perception of a slimming center.

As we explained in our first article, we first decided to go beyond the notion of thinning by combining these benefits with the best relaxing treatments and innovative treatments for your skin and beauty. Creating synergies and unique results.

But we could not stop there. Having the chance to start from scratch, by creating this new institute, we had the opportunity to aim high and make the right choices from the start. And today, Sanae can make this promise to you:

Truly tailored care

Sanae offers you a range of services absolutely unique in Geneva. It is thanks to the synergies obtained between slimming and relaxation that we are able to bring you results.

But it is also thanks to this that we have the flexibility to offer you 100% tailor-made treatments and treatments.

Because a large number of institutes too often offer the same care for each client. And this can unfortunately be dangerous. For example, a woman who is overweight should never directly resort to Cellu-M6. Besides that the care will not be effective, it could be painful for the patient.

A team available, attentive and committed

In order to fulfill this promise and offer you a truly personalized sequence of care, you have to take the time. Take the time to receive you and get to know you, but also to analyze carefully the context and the situations of lives that impact your health.

Being available also means staying at your disposal before, during, and after your care, to answer your questions and help you reach your goals (whether it is to lose weight or simply to overcome stress daily).
pondre à vos questions et vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs (qu’il s’agisse de perdre du poids ou simplement de vaincre le stress quotidien).

We protect your health

We will discuss this in more detail in another article on this blog, but if we offer a wide range of relaxing treatments, such as the Vital Dome or our massages, it is because stress is not only a factor weight gain, but also because it endangers your health.

What’s more, your health was at the heart of our concerns when we had to select the creams, active principles and technologies that we were going to propose to you. And on this subject, our rigor has remained the same. Care and products always respectful of the environment. Because your health depends on it too.

AtSanae, our commitment to health and the environment will guarantee your well-being and beauty.

A soothing place

Finally, we have made every effort to make Sanae a unique and truly soothing place. A bubble of comfort, in which it is good to live. A soothing parenthesis, in a world often too stressful.

Our institute extends over 200 square meters and you will quickly forget the stress of everyday life.

To find out, contact us through this site, or directly by phone and we will organize for you a visit and an interview with our advisor.

We are at your disposal.

The Sanae team.