Vital Dôme: the symbol of Sanae

In a world where daily stress is abundant, being able to attain a deep relaxation becomes a necessity. In the wide range of care offered by our institute, the Vital Dome is perhaps the one that best symbolizes the values of Sanae.

Combining comfort and efficiency, this marvel of innovation from Japan uses infrared rays as a source of heat. This technology allows you to work simultaneously on three axes: relaxation, slimming and skin health.

Exceptional comfort

The Vital Dome is designed to leave you enough room to move, stretch and never feel cramped.

But the first quality of this device is that the frequency of infrared rays used. This has been specially chosen to be absorbed entirely and naturally by the body. The result is a soft, enveloping warmth.

The Benefits of Infrared Rays

Thanks to the infrared light, this heat will penetrate the skin deeply and generate a simultaneous action on three axes: health, weight and beauty.

By causing a slight sweating and momentarily increasing the temperature of your body, you eliminate both stress and toxins. But the benefits of the Vital Dome do not end there.

In terms of health, your sleep will be more peaceful and your circulation stimulated. The absence of stress, coupled with the infrared ray, will help you promote your weight loss.

An anti-aging treatment

Finally, if your circulation improves, it means that the nutrients, and especially the oxygen, will reach the cells of your skin more easily and efficiently.

Infrared light combined with heat helps you clean your skin thoroughly. You then find a skin visibly firm and more elastic. This in-depth work of the epidermis makes the Vital Dome an ideal treatment to complement our other anti-aging treatments.

Approved by Sanae

If we absolutely want to be able to offer the Vital Dome to our customers, it is because it perfectly meets our values and our selection criteria.

In addition to exceptional comfort and efficiency, the device offers more than 30 variations of care and total control over the generated heat, which ensures a 100% personalized treatment. Moreover, and this is important to us, this technology has the advantage of not being energy intensive, which is always good for the planet.

But above all, the Vital Dôme is a treatment that relies on synergies, as all Sanae benefits.

Whether it’s breaking work stress during your lunch break, providing a cure to improve your sleep, or cleansing your skin thoroughly, Sanae is here to advise you.

Do not hesitate to contact us through this site, or directly by phone to discover this unique care and integrate it into your lifestyle.

The Sanae team.