Cryotherapy in Geneva: tone up and refine its silhouette

Summer is coming and you certainly do not want to hear about treatments related to heat, perspiration or the sauna. Good news, know that there is a technique called cryotherapy that uses cold to help you lose weight.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cold wraps, also called cryogenic wraps, use a simple, pain-free principle based on the benefits of cold. Strips of tissue soaked in the active ingredients are applied to different parts of the body to relieve the tissues and eliminate grease. The action of the wraps is ideal to treat the lower parts of the body but it can also be used on the arms.
Each beauty institute has its unique “recipe” for active ingredients. At Sanae, we use only natural products, made from 90% organic ingredients.
Our recipe? Combine the detoxifying action of essential oils of bitter orange and lemon with the refined action of caffeine and carnitine for optimal efficiency. This active ingredient mix promotes intensive drainage and rapidly eliminates cellulite.

The multiple benefits of cryotherapy.

Synergies can dramatically improve the effectiveness of cryotherapy. Indeed, coupled with complementary care, cold wrapping brings lasting and visible results quickly. We can, for example, offer you a scrub
before care to prepare the skin or even a relaxing and draining massage after to accelerate and strengthen the elimination of toxins.

Much more than a slimming treatment, the cold wrap represents a true moment of well-being and relaxation. The active ingredients, which penetrate deep into the tissues, give the body an invigorating effect and a sensation of lightness. You feel toned, your body is refined and rebooted.

Come and benefit from the slimming advice of our counselors as well as all the benefits of cryotherapy within your Sanae beauty institute in Gèneve

The Sanae team.