powershape 3MAX


A unique alliance of recognized technologies.

With lipo-cavitation, and the Powershape Max 3 + technology, Sanae offers you to combine radiofrequency and ultrasounds, to attack the fat deeper than other treatments.

The radio frequency allows you to visibly and durably reduce cellulite with a smoothing effect. This technology is a must to begin to reshape your silhouette according to your wishes.

Your silhouette

An effective treatment against cellulite for lasting results.

This care helps you to remodel your body while preserving only the curves you like.

Skin & Face

Firm up and rejuvenate your skin, through an anti-ageing action with an ideal effect on the eye contours or the double chin.

Your results

A perfect synergy between weight-loss and anti-ageing technology.

Simultaneously work off your body fat and improve the quality of your skin.

Any questions? Looking forward to starting?

Our counselor welcomes you for free to carry out a complete personal assessment. This is the opportunity to discover the Sanae universe, but above all to identify with you the best possible combinations of treatments according to your personal situation.