Your slimming institute

Wondering how to lose weight

Our institute offers a variety of new treatments and equipment in Geneva. By combining our relaxing treatments, such as the Vital Dôme, the results will be quick to show.

We believe in a holistic approach. And we thought of everything.

N°1: Understanding your situation

Our nutrition coach meets you for free for a complete assessment of your situation and identify the best synergies to help you lose weight quickly.

N°2: Lipocavitation

Directly attack the deep cellulite, thanks to ultrasound and radio frequency.

N°3: Cellu M6

Stimulate your cell activity and regain control of your skin through endermology.

N°4: Slimming Wraps

Several active ingredients to support you in your weight loss.

Soothing and effective wraps.

N°5: Pressotherapy

Integrated mechanical infra-red lymphatic drainage, a safe bet for your weight loss.

Questions ? Want to lose weight ?

Before choosing a treatment or a slimming cure, our counselor welcomes you for a free, complete personal assessment.

This is the opportunity to identify with you the best possible combinations of slimming or relaxing treatments, depending on your personal situation.

Personalized and innovative care for sustainable weight loss

Our institute offers unique slimming solutions in Geneva.
Our team of professionals is at your disposal and establishes a personalized diagnosis in order to offer you services that suit you for optimal efficiency. We use the latest technologies and offer solutions that allow you to lose weight quickly, visibly and sustainably.

Professionals at your service

Our team is composed of experienced counselors who know their job perfectly and are able to bring you the best advice on your weight loss. Available and at your service, the Sanae team helps you achieve your goals.

Customized care

You are unique and your needs are too. We take the time to get to know you and finely analyze the elements that affect your health. This personalized approach allows us to offer you personalized treatments, the ones that meet your specific objectives. Together we build the foundation for appropriate and sustainable change, respecting your balance.
Sanae’s vision is global, your beauty is intimately linked to your health. The effectiveness of a slimming cure is, for example, accelerated when combined with relaxation care. By acting on several aspects of your well-being, we offer weight loss solutions adapted for concrete results.


The latest technologies at the service of your weight loss

Always looking for efficiency, Sanae has machines and slimming techniques at the forefront of innovation to enable you to lose weight quickly.

Powershape 3-MAX Plus (lipocavitation) allows you to attack cellulite deeply. This device is both relaxing and invigorating, it emits ultrasounds that will destroy the fat and allow their natural elimination.

Cellu M6 uses lipomodelling technology, a patented thinning technique that promotes lypolise, that is, the removal of excess fat. Highly effective, the Cellu M6 refines the silhouette, and makes your skin naturally smoother and firmer.

The Vital Dôme is the flagship innovation of the Sanae Slimming Institute. Combining comfort and efficiency, this marvel of technology from Japan uses infrared rays. The heat created by the infrared light penetrates deep into the tissues. This technology, unique in Geneva, allows you to work simultaneously on three axes: relaxation, slimming and the health of your skin.