vital dôme

Vital Dome

Combine relaxation and detox with the help of infrared rays that are naturally absorbed by the skin

A marvel of innovation from Japan that combines relaxation and weight loss. The Vital Dome is the perfect symbol of the synergies offered by Sanae.


 The Vital Dome helps you achieve a deep relaxation.

Let’s reduce your stress and improve your sleep.

Drainage & Toning

Drainage and reduction of body fat through the soft heat of infrared technology.

Your detox

Eliminate toxins, strengthen your natural defenses and reactivate your metabolism.

Any questions about the Vital Dome? Looking forward to getting started?

Our counselor welcomes you for free to carry out a complete personal assessment. This is the opportunity to discover the Sanae universe, but above all to identify with you the best possible combinations of treatments according to your personal situation.